Pabotlib Run Only Once not working with Datadriver

I need to create the test case file for datadriver dynamically. For that I am using the config_keyword with datadriver and using Run Only Once to make sure the file is updated only once. I then use pabot to run the tests.

The issue is the keyword after Run Only Once (below, Generate Data For Routing) is executed with every parallel run by pabot.

My code:

Library    pabot.PabotLib

Library    RPA.Dialogs

Library     DataDriver  dialect=excel  encoding=UTF-8  

            ...  optimize_pabot=Binary  config_keyword=Startup

Test Template    Route INC

# Suite Setup  Run Setup Only Once  Generate Data For Routing

Test Setup    Open SNOW

Test Teardown    End Test

Suite Teardown    Shutdown

Test Timeout    5 minutes

*** Test Case ***

Route INC  NA  NA  NA  NA  NA


*** Keywords ***


    [Arguments]  ${arguments}

    **Run Only Once  Generate Data For Routing**

    Wait Until Created  resources/E2E_Test_Cases.xlsx  60

    ${new_config} =  Create Dictionary  file=resources/E2E_Test_Cases.xlsx  sheet_name=INC   # set file attribute in a dictionary

    [Return]  ${new_config}

End Test

    Run Keyword If Test Failed  Capture Page Screenshot  ${SCREENSHOT_DIRECTORY}/${TASK}.png

    Close Browser


    Run Keyword And Ignore Error  Close All Browsers

Generate Data For Routing

    Log  Generate Date file

    Open SITE

    Get Active Tasks

    Generate Routing Map


Route INC

    [Arguments]  ...

Command to run in a bat file:

pabot --testlevelsplit --pabotlib --rpa --variable PROD_DEV:%RunType% -d results%runIndex% --name AIR_%runIndex% --log trace.aspx --report report.aspx --loglevel TRACE --splitlog Air.robot

After some testing we found that pabot 2.5.3 and data driver 1.6.1 give this issue
But it is not there when using pabot 2.5.1 and data driver 1.6.0.