"Suite Setup" is running for every test when pabot is used


I am trying to run multiple tests in parallel which are present inside a single robot file. Using pabot testlevelsplit for same.

I have used “Suite Setup” keyword which reads data from a json file.
When i don’t use pabot “Suite Setup” run only once, but when i use pabot the Suite Setup is running for each test present inside the robot file.
Is there any way i can make the Suite Setup to run only once?


Here’s a documentation for PabotLib:


Execution affecting keywords
These allow control to when and where a keyword will be executed.
Run Setup Only Once
[keyword, *args]
Runs a setup keyword with args only once at the first possible moment when an execution has gone through this step. The executions after that will skip this step. If the first execution fails, all others will also.
Run Teardown Only Once
[keyword, *args]
Runs a teardown keyword with args only once after all executions have gone throught this step in the last possible moment. Note it is important to not have any conditions preventing from executing this step as that may prevent this keyword from working correctly.

so keyword Run Setup Only Once is the one you could be looking at.

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Thanks @rasjani , will try this