Offline installation of RIDE

Is there a way to install RIDE offline rather than the command:
pip install -U

I currently have the downloaded. How do I build and install from the source.


So I have downloaded the
and attempted to run the command:
pip3 install -U

Does it need wxPython or the installation process? because it attempts to ‘Collecting wxPything’, it runs into the following error though:
Running install for wxPython … error
… whole heap of other errors…

I have Python3.8 installed.

If you are doing an offline install, you need to have all required packages locally.
You have that listed here: RIDE/requirements.txt at master · robotframework/RIDE · GitHub

Thank you for your reply. Is there an offline version for wxPython?
When I try to install an instance of wxpython from wxPython · PyPI

It tries to connect to

Yes, you need to download from
Even from the packages are there.
And then all the libraries it requires.

Good luck.

I am fairly new to Python and robotframework.

I downloaded wxPython-4.1.1-cp38-cp38-win_amd64.whl and ran:
pip3 install wxPython

But it still attempts to downloaded packages from the internet.

Finally installed RIDE using offline method. Had to manually installed all the dependencies.
Thank you @HelioGuilherme66 for your help.