Upgrading RIDE for python 3.10

I have recently started to work on RIDE as a automation tester and we were using python 2.7, now we need to upgrade to python 3.10 can anyone help with the manual installation of RobotFramework RIDE for python 3.10?..

You don’t mention which operating system you are using, but in general, the steps are:

  1. Install Python and pip
  2. Install wxPython
  3. Install Robot Framework (and possibly other libraries)
  4. Install RIDE

You can see the README at GitHub - robotframework/RIDE: Test data editor for Robot Framework
You may want to install the current development version from master because it have some bugs fixed.

Note: You should make a backup copy of your settings.cfg (from $HOME/.robotframework/ride), keep it in a different folder.

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It is for windows and as we are using for work purpose so there are some limitations to use pip for installation,

Can you advise for the version of
Robot framework

Which will work for python 3.10

Any other suggestions are also acceptable.

It is important to know if you are upgrading from old Robot Framework, because there may be the need to update test cases.

Current versions, are:

  • wxPython 4.2.1
  • RIDE 2.0.6 (If you install from master version is 2.0.7.dev6) )
  • Robot Framework 6.1

RIDE can work with any version of Robot Framework since 3.1.2, as long it runs in Python 3 (I think >5)

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Thanks @HelioGuilherme66,

We have installed RobotFramework and RIDE but we are not able to see some of the resource files we have created in older version, is it due to any security limitations or there is some troubleshoot. When using pip install in spare laptop.

In company laptop we can’t use pip for securi Purpose so We have currently installed RobotFramework 3.0.2 as it was only available for us in the company Devops library so we need to make a switch to other software’s as you mentioned or we can go with the same version. If yes what other versions do we need for it?

Well, that version is probably in Python 2.7, which is not what you have requested in this Forum topic.

About the missing resource files, they will not be listed if they are not used. It can also be related to version of RIDE you have now.

Keep in mind that there are many changes in new version of RIDE and Robot Framework. For example:

  • Are your files using the extension .txt ?
  • (even worse): Are your files using extension .html ?
  • Other formats like .tsv (TAB separated values) (even the pipe ‘|’ ), have not been tested recently.

You should see the file requirements.txt in the project page aboute the Python modules you need for RIDE. See the options of pipto just download them.
We typically use pip install -r requirements.txt (but pip does that too when installing RIDE).

About Robot Framework, it had a major change from version 3.1.2 to 3.2.1 (stopped accepting :FOR syntax), so you should take this in consideration when using newer versions.

On RIDE project page you have a Wiki and a F.A.Q. page that may have solution for problems you may encounter.