Not able to launch browsers with Drivers (chrome, firefox) in Jython project

Hi All,

I am currently using the custom keyword which is a Java project in my Robot Project by using the JAR File. And I am able to use those Java Keywords. Now, I need to try the Selenium Keywords in the same test case. So, I imported the Selenium Library and used the Open Browser keyword.

The test case is failing at that point (Open Browser) because it is not able to launch the browser. Sicne I am using Jython, I am not sure where to place the drivers and how to make it work with Jython.

Can anyone please let me know on how to use the drivers in Jython?

Hi @Apoorva1,

Just in case the problem is not widely common, could you give any

  • stack trace of the error
  • code to reproduce the error
  • version of Java, jython, python, robot framework and SeleniumLibrary in use

Kind regards,