New RequestsLibrary 0.7.0 is out

What’s new

This version includes a new feature for uploading data in streaming mode without loading big files in memory
Logging has been refactored and is now ready for further enhancements.


  • More complete logging for requests and responses
  • Automatically truncate long data in logs except if loglevel is set to debug or trace
  • Add Get File For Streaming Upload keyword


  • Fix missing data in requests logging
  • Fix Windows tests with local flask server


  • Integrate pytest for unittests in GitHub Actions
  • Automatic documentation update on new versions

Forever Open Source :wink:

Thanks to bulkan (the original author) that moved the repo to MarketSquare, this allowed me to enhance a lot the Continuous Integration and Community contribution.
Thanks to UVV-gh that submitted the PR for the new feature and worked with me to make it production ready.
Thanks also to Hi-Fi that helped me out with GitHub Actions.
Special thanks to RobotFramework-Italia and Robot Framework Milano meetup for the work done during a meetup sprint.