New RequestsLibrary 0.8.1 is out

What’s new

New keywords structure:
All requests keywords have been rewritten because of many not backward compatible changes
and to allow in the near future requests keywords without a session.
Example Get Request become GET On Session and soon there will be also just GET
when a session is not needed.
Old keywords * Request are now deprecated and will be removed in 1.0.0 version.

Implicit assert on status code:
* On Session keywords automatically fail if an error status code is returned.
expect_status= could be used to specify a status code ( 201 , OK , Bad request )
or any if you want to evaluate the response in any case.

Closer to the original Requests library:
New keywords have the same parameter orders and structure as the original.
Lot of pre-parsing / encoding has been removed to have a more accurate and unchanged behaviour.

Cleaner project architecture:
Main keywords file has been split with a more logic division to allow better and faster maintenance.



  • Different order of parameters in Get Request keyword compared to all the others (#232)
  • _utf8_urlencode brokes list url-parameters (#234)
  • Positional url with params are wrongly parsed in On Session keywords (#288)
  • Add a custom warning for “missing value for argument ‘url’” error (#302)
  • Deprecated urllib3 constant DEFAULT_METHOD_WHITELIST (#307)
  • Fixes #315 verify and cookies parameters in * On Session keywords @lucagiove (#317)


  • Split keywords in different class/files (#270)
  • Deprecate To Json keyword in favor of response.json attribute @andreagubellini (#219)
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