Need some Version upgrade recommendations

hi; all experts: currently my robotframework test env version is:python 2.7.15 robotframework 2.9.2. we want update python version to 3.8 and robotframework to 3.2.2. due to we have lot of case based on python2 .and these two version have much differs .does there any good tools or scripts colud fitting use case runs in the new version。 thanks

I have done few migrations from Python 2 to 3. Most of the time, it’s easier to make your code to support Python 2&3. Example with help of Python future

Then change the interpret to Python 3 and fix the remaining issues. After all is running in Python 3, then start using Python 3 features.

Also managing dependencies is important, to have version which support both Python 2&3. Which may not be the latest versions of your dependencies. So when you start converting your code to support Python 2&3, look also into your dependencies and update them.