I need to convert robot 6 supported codes to work with robot 3 version

Whenevr i will try to run genearted code with robot 6 version with robot 3 vesrion. It shows some error saying, keyword not found and all. Is there any way, so that I can convert based on the version?

Hi Akshata,

There have been quite a few syntax changes between version 3 and version 6, is there a reason you can’t update all your machines to run with robot framework version 6?

Short answer is there won’t be any easy way to convert down to version 3, you will need to do it manually or develop something.


Thanks for the info!.

Whatever the software we are using in organisation will works only with robot3. But few scripts implemented using robot 6. As we need to tests some functional cases which is developed using robot6. It will take little time to rewrite again.

Hi Akshata,

I would suggest you ask your team to address that software that’s out of date, the last release in the 3.x series was 3 years ago.

Generally robot framework versions are backwards compatible, so a test case written for version 3 should still run in version 6, but not the other way around.

Time should be allocated to make sure your full test suite gives you the same results in version 6, update any that need updating (shouldn’t be many) and the upgrade you software.

This should be considered general test maintenance and should really be done at least yearly.

Hopefully that should give you something to discuss with your team,


Sure. Thanks for your help !

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