Need Help on RobotFramework API Automation

Hello Team,

I have a API which can only be accessed via SSL Certificate and Basic Authentication. I only to generate the response. I have already able to generate the respone successfully via Postman manually.
How can the same be achieved via RobotFramework. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @sayom88 ,

Have you tried Requests Library, specifically starting your Requests Library session with Create Client Cert Session?


Hi @damies13 i looked into it, but unable to crack it…can you please share one small sample code to help me.

Unfortunately I don’t have an example, I’ve never need to do this myself as not many people use self-signed certs these days.

Perhaps if you post what you have I can see anything that doesn’t match with the doco?

But I expect it would need to look something like this:

    ${client_certs}=    Create List    ${path to certs}client_certificate.pem    ${path to certs}client_key.pem
    Create Client Cert Session    Session_Alias    https://your.api.server/path    client_certs=${client_certs}
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