How to pass passphrase for private key in client cert session

Hello all, I am currently running API automation where I need to establish client certificate based SSL session. I am trying to use keyword “Create Client Cert Session” to create a session but I am getting below error:

Caused by SSLError(‘Client private key is encrypted, password is required’

Current client private key is protected with passphrase, can you help me how to pass passphrase?

Hi Raghavendra,

I’ve not used this functionality, but if you post your test case that’s not working and the log of the exact errors your getting there is a better chance someone can help you.


Advanced Usage — Requests 2.25.1 documentation has nice red box that says:

The private key to your local certificate must be unencrypted.
Currently, Requests does not support using encrypted keys.

So, nothing really can’t be done on Robot side to this. Maybe you could make your own keyword that decrypts the cert first to temporary location, use that temp location then as your key and remove it after its not needed.

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In case someone runs into this, I just decrypted the file and passed that via robot and everything worked fine.

openssl rsa -in encrypted.file -out decrypted.file
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