Metadata display order in RF Report(s)


I’m facing somehow minuscule albeit really annoying problem.
I use Metadata to place versions of the application and application components in the report/log files.
I’ve placed all information in product user friendly order i.e.

Metadata D Component Version ${DVer}
Metadata C Component Version ${CVer}
Metadata A Component Version ${AVer}
Metadata B Component Version ${BVer}

But for some reason, which I don’t understand, all metadata is being sorted alphabetically i.e.

A Component Version ${AVer}
B Component Version ${BVer}
C Component Version ${CVer}
D Component Version ${DVer}

Is there anyway I could actually customize the order of these or at least somehow force RF reports to display metadata in the order it is placed in .robot file?

Hi Sebastian,

I don’t know anything about metadata other than what’s in the documentation.

A simple solution (but not really a great solution) could be prefix the names with the order you want them in e.g.

Metadata 00___D Component Version ${DVer}
Metadata 01___C Component Version ${CVer}
Metadata 02___A Component Version ${AVer}
Metadata 03___B Component Version ${BVer}

Then when it’s sorted alphabetically they will appear in the order you want (the underscores are just there to visually seperate the metadata from the order numbers and make it easier to read)

Hopefully someone else has a better solution,


Hi Damies,

Thank you for the answer.
This is exactly what I’m doing right now as a workaround.

Maybe it’s an oversight made by RF authors or an issue even?
I mean, sometimes it is nice to have everything sorted out-of-the-box, but in that particular case I don’t believe it should work that way.