Manual installation of robotframework-imaplibrary2 0.4.6

I am trying to install the library robotframework-imaplibrary2 0.4.6.

I need to use the manual install I cannot use pip install i am on a restricted network.

Im stack at

Is there any easier way to install the libarary?

Hi @bridj25,

I’ve not done this myself, so hopefully this is helpful,

  • the .tar.gz.asc file should be in the same place you downloaded the .tar.gz file

  • gpg command is GnuPrivacy Guard if you are using windows you might want to get Gpg4win

  • that first gpg command looks like it’ll need an internet connection, at least through a proxy server, so you might have to skip the gpg steps (they are just for verifying that the file you downloaded is secure.

  • extracting the files from the tar.gz file, any zip tool should be able to do this, if you don’t have one I’ll suggest 7-zip, as it’s quite capable.

One last thing, do you have internet access through a proxy server, it might make your life easier if you just configure pip to use the proxy server using one of the methods mentioned in this stack overflow thread.

Hopefully that helps getting you going,


Hello Dave,

Thanks for taking your to respond.

I am looking for the tar.gz.asc file

i downloaded the tar.gz in robotframework-imaplibrary2 · PyPI
the screenshot below

But i cant locate the tar.gz.asc :frowning:

Hi @bridj25,

Ah I see what you mean, yes on pypi there are only 2 files, the and the .whl file.

You could try downloading the whl file in the same location as the tar.gz file and using pip to install from the local directory ( How do I install a Python package with a .whl file?)

Something like this:

pip install path/to/package_name.whl

Hopefully that will work, though you might need to also download any dependency packages, looking at the file it looks like the only requirements are:

Hopefully that helps,


Hello Dave,

Thank you really for your help…

Yes i have tried using the whl file and was able to install the needed library.


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