I want to know which version of FlaUI library is compatible with Robot Framework 6.1.1

I have installed Python 3.12 in one of my virtual machine where there is no internet connection. Hence I installed Robot Framework 6.1.1 whl file through cmd using pip install . But I am not getting compatible version of FlaUI whl library file. Can anybody please guide on this?

Also, I have a scenario to perform some actions on Remote machine. Are there any libraries which accomplishes this?

Download links for flaui rf bindings

you need to pick the correct python version with correct architecture and download that file.


I have a scenario to perform some actions on Remote machine.

it really depends on few things. First off, you said that the VM does not have internet access - does it have network access of any kind ? Other open questions:

  • What OS is that remote machine running
  • What remote access capabilities does it offer
  • What sort of “some actions” do you need to run ?

According to this:

Latest version of robotframework-flaui “should” work with robotframework 3.2.2 or newer, whether that means it’s been tested or not only the developer could tell you. (probably not)

I understand the desire to know you have a working set of versions before downloading and transporting over sneaker net, so I’d suggest installing the combo you want to use on a machine with internet access first (even if that’s your home machine), do some basic tests so you know that combo works and then download the whl and tgz files you need.

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Our VM’s are in R&D network with Windows 10 OS.
Ours is Healthcare Diagnostic product with Desktop UI connected to 4 different Analyzers(remote machines with Win10 OS). This Desktop UI Interacts with these 4 remote machines for specific action like loading reagents in one machine, Clicking on drawer in another machine and processing samples on other machines. Finally the results will be appear in main Desktop UI and verification will be done here. Earlier we were using TestComplete tool where it had Networksuite feature wherein we specify the hostnames and the jobs to be performed in each host. Now, since we are migrating to Robot Framework, we need to find a way forward to achieve this.

Is it possible through SSHlibraries or Telnet libraries? or any other options available to achieve this?

Possibly, but by default windows machines don’t have SSH or Telnet available, also remember both SSH and Telnet are text only consoles so no clicking on things only running command lines, so I’m not sure they will do what you want.

  1. Does the Desktop UI on the 1st machine control the other machines?
  2. Or does the Desktop UI need to run on all 4 machines and different activities need to be auctioned on each machine in the correct sequence?

If 2. then you probably need to run 1 robot on each machine that does the steps that machine need, you may also need to use the concept of a rendezvous or synchronisation point, but there is no native mechanism to do this in robot framework.
If all 4 machines have access to a common file server then you could use files to signal meeting the rendezvous or synchronisation point.

Each robot in robot framework runs on a single machine oblivious to any other machines so there is no native equivalent to NetworkSuite

However I note that the TestComplete Network Suite functionality is deprecated. and they recommend using the CI/CD system to run distribute tests to multiple test machines in parallel, if you have a CI/CD system, you can do the same with robot framework.

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Yes, The Desktop UI on 1st machine control the other machine. Its work like a Master & Slave.

Can we leverage Remote Library Interface to achieve this?

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Can we leverage Remote Library Interface to achieve this?

I was about to suggest that at least look into that one …

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