Library Load error in Robotframework

Hi All,

I am trying to load third party library in ride and execute it in robotframework (3.1.2) but getting error of library not found. though the file very much exists on the location provided.
Please suggest.

KEYWORD BuiltIn . Import Variables …\…\…\…\ION.NET_Environment\Libraries\ITAS\Lib\


Could you please format your code properly?
With three back ticks ``` you can create code blocks.
Whit this format it could be any error!

And could you please post the Error Message you got?
Also you could have a look into you log.html where the error really happens.

I do not think that you get a library not found Error from this keyword.
It would tell: Variable file '<your path>' does not exist.


I did try it with variable file i.e. python file, and Excel Library too, i am getting file not found error everytime.

though the files do exist on the location.

Also, i am able to find keywords and their definition of those in RIDE, but at runtime error occurs.
Please suggest what i can do so that i can use excel, its very imp and i am blocked due to this.


It looks like you are using the java distribution of RobotFramework.

What is the reason for this?

If is not possible to use Python Libraries with Java RobotFramework.