Library Module not found error

I am making some sub-libraries(each as a module(a directory) with two files:- function file(.py) and file) which I can use into the main library functions which will be used into the keyword file (List_of_keywords.resources). Now inside the python project the directories are as below order,


First I am using the Model1_Function file’s functions inside the file.

and then

when I am trying to import the in List_of_keywords.resources file it is showing that
the ModuleNotFoundError error like below and the color is also not changing like in case of “Library
OperatingSystem” ,

You can see the folder structure here in above picture and the three files as well.

So, do anyone have any idea what should I do here ?

You have to add root of the project (NewProject) to PYTHONPATH. If you are using “Robot Framework Language Server” extension add to settings:

    "robot.pythonpath": [

To robot parameters while executing add -P . (assuming that your execution directory is root of the project).

I don’t get it. Can you tell me exactly in which file should I write this ?

Can you please specify how and where should i write the code which gave me ?

Can you please show me with screenshot, how and where should write the code ?

I would suggest making your libraries actual (local) distributions / packages so they get installed in your Python environment (hopefully a virtual environment) like all other dependencies. If you do that, you won’t have to use hacks to make the language servers work correctly and things will work on pipelines / other machines as well. I made a repo to demonstrate this:
GitHub - robinmackaij/robotframework-poetry-demo: A package to demonstrate how poetry can be used to distribute Robot Framework resources within an organization

I also did a talk at RoboCon on the topic:
RoboCon 2022 - 1.08 Project and package management: Poetry for robots - YouTube