Key words to control windows service


in RPA, Libraries or other modules I couln’t find any key words to control/query
/configure Windows services. Did I missed it?

My workaround is to have my own key words by calling powershell Get-/Start-/Stop-Service etc.


I think you found the best approach. RobotFramework/RPA cannot specialize in every system under test. To be generic, we would need to have Linux (and its variants), and macOS, keywords too.

Note: This is just my opinion, I really don’t know if there is a specific library for that.

Hi Norbert,

As Hélio mentioned I don’t think there is a Library for that and unfortunately I don’t see that many people would have the need for this sort of Library either.

The level of control of services is messy, a Library would need to account for local and remote versions on at least 3 platforms (4 if you want to treat systemd and init seperatly).

If you wanted to create a library that did windows servers only (a bit of an exclusive case but common enough it might be worthwhile) i’d recommend using WMI to control/query/configure Windows services, this eliminates the need for different methods if it’s a local or remote service, plus 1/2 the work is already done. I would suggest forking robotframework-perfmon and pyperfmon, this will give you the WMI connection to the windows machine and the robotfarmework keywords as well as the python modules, all you’d need to do is figure out the WMI commands to control/query/configure Windows services and create keywords and functions to do make those WMI calls.

Hope this is helpful,