Issue with RequestsLibrary in Azure Pipeline

I have problem with RequestsLibrary in Azure pipeline. When I try to run following test case, it fails because of error “Keyword ‘RequestsLibrary.Status Should Be’ expected 2 to 3 arguments, got 1.”
While this error doesn’t occur on my local machine and it passes.

*** Settings ***
Library RequestsLibrary
*** Test Cases ***
API status
Create Session session1
GET On Session session1 /api/v1/healthCheck
Status Should Be 200

I also tried to run this in different way:
${resp}= GET On Session session1 /api/v1/healthCheck
Status Should Be 200 ${resp}

But it fails with error: InvalidResponse: None

Looking at Status Should Be docs, looks like you are using OK.
That kind of error may be related to bad spacing in arguments.
You should try to use Log to debug the problem.
Other thing that comes to mind, is a mismatch in the versions of the RemoteLibrary on you PC and Azure.

Thanks for reply. It’s not issue with spacing - in test file spacing is fine. Could you tell me more about mismatch in versions of Library on PC and Azure? Including library in settings in test file isn’t enough and I should include command to install library in pipeline yaml file?