Is Robot Framework "Programming"?

Would you classify this as a skilled activity. Is the design, setup and maintenance of Robot Framework classified as a type of high level programming, there seems to be programming involved - loops, variables etc and the creation of something that is less abstract than a test case sat in JIRA for example, and other skills are required that are probably outside the scope of programming… your thoughts.

Yes i would call it Programming.
But i would call nearly every kind of “Automation” to be programming.

Robot Framework Language has all relevant concepts of a procedural programming language, like procedures, variables and flow control.

But that does not answer the question if by defining it “programming” it needs to be hard.
And as you asked if it is a skilled activity, i would strongly say: Yes.
But the Skills need to be on different topics than those many “so called developers” have.
In RF the complexity is not to define a super complex architecture, but to define a usable, readable and maintainable one.

The complexity comes with the size and the users.



Tell your boss: "Robot Framework is a Complete Programming Language and, I, as a practitioner of it, am " (pick a number from 1 to 6):

a Programmer
a Software Engineer
a Developer
a Masochist
a Wizard

then ask for a raise.

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i would say more like scripting

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So is scripting not programming? :grin:

Depends on the level looked at
Basically scripting is different than programming: easier, not requiring compiler, simpler in syntax, etc…

I agree with you Kobi, it’s a kind of scripting the Test business Level workflow

Imho: Scripting is also programming.

And python and JS is also scripting after your definition, because it hast better/easier syntax than C and does not need to be compiled.

So “Scripting Languages” are just a specific sub-type of “Programming Languages”.

And yes, I would define RF Language as a “Scripting Language”, but it is still programming. :wink:

Well lest see what the dictionary has to say,


  1. the process of writing and testing computer programs
  2. the planning of which television or radio programmes to broadcast

Now lets look at Program

  1. a set of instructions in code that control the operations or functions of a computer
  2. something that people watch on television or listen to on the radio
  3. a plan of things that will be done or included in the development of something
  4. a course of study

So if we consider a robot file is “a plan of things that will be done or included” and “a set of instructions that control the operations or functions of a computer”

Then a robot would by definition be a program, so creating a robot file is programming.