Robot framework tool qualified for DO178B

I wanted to use Robot framework to test an aviation software. Is it a qualified tool ?

What do you mean by “qualified”?


We qualified tools at my previous company regarding usage in safety critical software parts (safety tool qualification). But we did this on our own for the tools we used and checked if the tool is usable or not. I don’t think that any tool which does not explicitly state that it is qualified for usage in a “safe” use case is qualified because this is a lot of extra effort.
So I think @Akshat71 that this depends on your company process.

Maby this helps :slight_smile:

@hobet Tool qualification is used in e.g. a safety related context where you have to check if the tool can have any (negative) impact on your software. This is necessary e.g. in Germany for a TÜV certification.

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