Is it possible that the logs files can make a Robot Freeze?

HI there.

This is a weird one. I have two robots that run at the same time for 2:30h to 3:00h.
Currently running on Robot Framework 4.1.3 (Python 3.8.10 on linux)

About 3 times a week one of them freezes (it is not always the same one, and they freeze on different times as well). No error is generated, and the run simply stays stuck without details.

I tried to find references, and there are concerns with the amount of Console text generated, so I shrunk a lot of my log. I also added the Test Timeout to over 3 hours in order to make sure it will run.

So last week I added the --loglevel NONE, and so far all runs completed properly. It made me wonder if Robotframework can have some locking issue when multiple robots try to log into the same file. Interesting enough, the robots did not have this problem on Robotframork 3 with python 2.

Any thoughts or input would be welcome.

To avoid possible problems on writing to the same output.xml file, you can use the option -d for a different directory for that reporting.

Thanks for the feedback.

Hi @andremetelo ,

Did Helio’s answer solve your problem? :crossed_fingers:t2:

I ask because it could be a big issue for me if you are still encountering it after using -d.


It improved the problems a lot but did not fully solve the problem.

The thing that really helped, was reducing the amount of text logged into the console.

Not I get the process locked about 2X a month, with some weird messages that I will post in another post, as I do not think it is related to this problem.