Log.html won't generate, and rebot just hangs

Hi All,

I’m trying to run the robotframework with 10000 records mostly using a JSON messages template and hit the server with the payload which involves me using confluent kafka to do the transfer to the inbound topic.

when i do the test with 100 or 1000 records I would get a successful, output/log/report, but when I do it for a larger load, the output.xml is the only thing that gets generated and the end process just hangs without getting the log.html/report.html.

when I issue a --log NONE from runtime command, output.xml and report.html get generated without any effort.

when I try using rebot on the output.xml after the test, rebot would hang and won’t do anything.
I have 1TB SSD and 32 Gb of ram with intel i9 on my mac. not sure why this is happening.
I have tried all the functions to reduce the amount of data written to output.xml but thats not helping.

can someone share some insight/solutions that might help me with this?