Is it possible for two tests to run at the same time

I have a scenario where I don’t think two of the exact same tests can run at the same time. They are running at the same time and causing issues. Please follow the below scenario and see if there is something I am doing wrong or can do to fix this. Thank you.

The following environment and scenario exists.

There are 100 robots allocated
There are 4 agents used
Everything is on one domain
The test case takes about 1.5 minutes to run
Tried different ramp ups (like 30, 40, 100 seconds)

The test case
Create a list
Add items to the list
Get items from the list
Replace the items in the list
Delete the list (items and list)

Each of these 100 robots is set up to use an individual separate customer, via the Robot Number variable ${RFS_ROBOT}. Thus, each robot/customer processing is unique.

Now in saying that, I know that any robot/customer could finish early and start again in the allotted. If it did then the same data would be processed again. My understanding though, is that one could FINISH and another would start. Thus, with my test case, each cleaning up as part of completion (list deleted), the next one should not be an issue. The issue comes as “list already exists”. I am not sure how this can be possible!

If anyone has any explanations then I would be happy to hear them. And then of course, any solutions. Thank you.

Hi Mark,

As the test case will repeat with the same user (defined by ${RFS_ROBOT}) it’s possible that if the test failed for any reason the cleaning up as part of completion (list deleted) didn’t run as it’s the last step, you could check the log.html for that robot to find out if that’s the case.

If you want to avoid situations like this you can

  • combine ${RFS_ROBOT} ${RFS_ITERATION} and ${RFS_INDEX} to get a number you can be sure is unique
  • put the clean up step in the test teardown so it’s always run


Yes, the cleanup (list delete) is done at the end of the test and also in the test teardown. The previous identical test did complete successfully, with list delete completed successfully.

I will have to check the time closer to see when the one finished and the other started.

Anyway, I will look at this issue closer and see what I can determine. And also look closer at the other variables to see if they may help with this.

Thanks Dave.


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