Perf test : Several login at the same time


I would like to know if it’s possible with RF to run tests many times at the same time ?
For example, I would like to run login tests 20 times to verify if the system can support multiple connections?
I don’t find an existing solution but perhaps there is another tip?

Thanks !

You should try to integrate or

Then if you make a useful library for RF, please share with the community. Thanks!

Thank you !
I’m going to have a look on this !

You could try RequestsLibrary for api login, data driver as source of credentials for a data driven test and pabot to parallelize requests

Here you can find an example

But doesn’t really give you metrics for performance besides requests per time.

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I didn’t reply here earlier as John seems to have already found rfswarm which is a tool designed exactly for what he wants to do.

But I guess this post might be useful for anyone else who comes across this thread.


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@damies13 it is useful to me. Thanks

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