Interested in Robot Framework and Kotlin? robotframework-kotlin-remote-library needs development assistance


If you are interested in both Robot Framework and Kotlin, please feel free to help contribute to the robotframework-kotlin-remote-library in the Robot Framework MarketSquare.

Hey Joshua,

Could you briefly describe what the advantages of Kotlin are?
Are there specific libraries or technologies possible that are not available with python?

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This is a great question @René! There are actually interesting things that Kotlin is capable of. A few of the ones that interest me the most are…

  1. It’s integrations with Android Studio,
  2. Also one of my “dream” use cases for this is using this as a bridge to use Robot Framework with Espresso. Espresso has interesting features that Appium does not easily support.
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Also here is more information about the Kotlin ecosystem, in case anyone is interested. :grin:

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