Input HTML or IMAGE into body of the email

I need help. I wonder if it is possible to insert an HTML image into the body of the email, using the “Email.Exchange” and “Email.ImapSmtp”.

Thank you very much in advance.

RPA Framework 0.10.0 now supports that.

rpa-framework version 0.10.0

  • Email.Exchange : Add support for HTML content, attachments , and inline images
  • Email.ImapSmtp : Allow sending inline images - parameter images for kw Send Message
  • HTTP : Return response of Download keyword (including content)
  • Cloud.AWS : Due to boto3 dependency size, library requires pip install rpa-framework[aws] to use

Release notes here:

Great news, @Antti!
Thank you so much for your help and for sharing with me.

@Mika helped me yesterday and today.
I managed to implement the RPA!

Thank you very much and see you!

Awesome! Great that you were able to solve it. Big thanks to @mikahanninen for updating RPA Framework with such short notice!

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