Input Date using Library Browser

Hi guys, I need your help with this problem, I need to input a date , but I can’t to do it. This form not accept some ways to input with date. for instance:
Not accepted : ${day} ${month} ${year}= Evaluate “12/12/2024”.split(“/”)
Not accept: Fill Text with Strings
Not accepted : ${date_english}= Convert Date ${date} exclude_millis=yes result_format=%m/%d/%Y
${data} Date Time Between start_date=-30y end_date=-18y
Those variables are not accepted in this form(picture), this element is the type=date.
I already tried using the to click in the calendar, but all the field accept click and I need to select only the image calendar in this picture because the calendar just shows when clicking in the picture. All the element is together (image the calendar and date).
Your know how I fill this text only Fill Text ? or using calendar ?

I noticed that field there is a field called “value” in properties, when I put a date, this value is filled.
But not show in Element HTML.



I created a html file based on the above element:

<input type="date" inputmode="numeric" class="form-control" id="registration-form-birthdate" data-missing-error="Você precisa preencher o campo acima" data-pattern-mismatch="error.message.parse.birthdate.profile.form" data-range-error="Digite uma data de nascimento válida" aria-describedby="form-birthdate-error" placeholder="Data de Nascimento" name="dwfrm_profile_customer_birthdate" required="" aria-required="true" value="" maxlength="10" pattern="^\d{2}/\d{2}/\d{4}$" min="1900-01-01" max="2023-04-17" style="outline: green dotted 2px !important;">

and I was able to enter the date using the Type Text keyword. Example: Type Text css=#registration-form-birthdate 04172023. This selected the 17th Apr 2023 on the calendar.

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tks so much @Pramesh , it worked here. :smiley: