Input Text from Excel Not working

Hi, I am using RPA.Browser.Selenium trying to input date from excel. The date will input first day of the month, and last day of the month.

In my excel I set it as first image below.

But when I try to Input text, it only input as second image below. Any advise?

Input Text id=[fromdate] ${myexcel}[FromDate] %m/%d/%Y


What Excel library are you using?

What you may find (I also had the same issue) the library might not be able to read the value being returned from the formula, the only workaround I could do for the chosen Excel library I’m using due to needing the read/write/save features and supporting .xlsx the library offered, was to format the spreadsheet first in the first instance… so Id copy all contents of a sheet, paste special and then paste back to the original sheet, so kind of a “pre-test setup” to ensure the data was in a format the library would be able to read, due to that limitation.

Apart from that, it’s worth exploring the library docs to see if it supports read where a formula is being used to return a value.

Hope that at least helps, but looks very similar to the issue I had come up against in the past.

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I am using RPA.Excel.Files library.

I’m not able to read csv testdata file. Please correct me where I’m wrong.

robot file:
Resource resource.robot
Library OperatingSystem
Library String
Library DataDriver testSheet/TestData.csv
Test Template testingCSVTestData

Suite Setup Initialize
Suite Teardown Disable


[Arguments] ${cl1} ${cl2}
Log To Console ${c1} → ${cl2}

Test Cases
testcase1 ${cl1} ${cl2}

#########CSV file################
xyz; 234;


Please see the supporting documentation
From what it reads:

It supports both legacy .xls files and modern .xlsx files.

Documentation is about read xls/clsx worksheet in general.
My requirement is to read testdata from csv/xls.
for which I tried using DataDriver library with “Test Template” Keyword.
It always gives below error:

         "Variable '${c1}' not found."

I also trried same using xls >
"Library DataDriver testSheet/TestData.xls sheet=Sheet1 "

Still results are same.

Sample csv testdata file looks like:
xyz; 234;

Oh… okay, sorry as you commented on a post that was related to RPA.Excel to oppose a fresh post, I hadn’t noticed the Library DataDriver from your snippet and replied on the assumption you were using the same library, generally tho, you are limiting any responses from others that may have a lot more experience with DataDriver this way, as you’ll be able to specify a title for your own post that will draw in those.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with DataDriver

Hi Vishal,

I recently posted a working example of DataDriver library with a csv file:

You can take that example, run it to see how it works and then modify it to your needs.

I simply followed the documentation to create the example. once you have it working you should be able to import the csv into a excel file and follow the documentation to change the Library DataDriver line to import the excel file.

Hope that helps,


I guess I figured out the issue. Datadriver library is missing in my installation but since line: “Library Datadriver” was not giving any error , I got confused. That’s why my cab variables are not know to my robot testcases.
Is there an easy copy paste way to get Datadriver Library, as I can’t easily install (run pip ) on my office system?

Hi Vishal,

The best thing to do is configure your system so that pip can use your proxy server

Failing that, you can download the tar.gz and whl files and tell pip to install from the local files, but you will need to get the prerequisites as well, for datadriver it looks like you’ll need:

    install_requires=["robotframework >= 4.0.2", "docutils", "Pygments"],
    extras_require={"xls": ["pandas", "xlrd >= 1.2.0", "openpyxl"]},

Using a proxy server is really much easier, I’ve done it both ways, the catch with the manual downloads, is you need to also check the prerequisites for each of those prerequisites, and then the prerequisites of their prerequisites and so on till you have all the prerequisites packages you need to install the original package, where if you just configure the proxy pip does all that for you.