How to Datepicker?

Hi,Can anyone please try to help about how to handle datepicker in Robotframework ?

Hi Gayathri,

Sure, try this: How to send Date from Source Input text file into combo box Calendar Date Picker - #4 by damies13

You didn’t mention which Library you are using or what type of app you have, but that example should be generic enough to use as a starting point and adapt to your application.


I need to use the datepicker in robot framework of pycharm with help of selenium,collections library

Hi Gayathri,

Ok there’s no date picker keyword, you just need to use the standard SeleniumLibrary keywords like Click Element.

Websites / Webapps can use one of hundreds of template date pickers or a custom self developed date picker, so there’s no standard way to interact with Them.

The example I gave you earlier (above) uses the jqueryui date picker, which is a common date picker used on many sites, that example has keywords for navigating the year, month and day of the date picker, so if your site uses that jqueryui date picker you can use it as is, if not you can take it as a template, update the Click Link and Get Text keywords with selectors that match on your date picker and that should give you a solid starting point.

Without direct access to your specific date picker that’s the best help I can give, honestly used as a template it should give you a pretty good head start.


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