Importing library 'robot.libraries.Dialogs' failed: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'tkinter'

Hi guys,

After a long day trying to find a response to solve this problem, I decided to bag for help here. :smiley:

Test Environment:

  • Rocky Linux 8.5
  • Python3.9
  • RobotFramework 6

I have already tried to install the ‘tkinter’ with many different methods but without success until know.
As you can see bellow, an error is reported.

Yeah! I know! It is not a Robot Framework issue it is a problem with the test environment setup. Anyway, if someone have idea how to solved that… :smiley:

You need to install tkinter package, probably with system package manager.
dnf search python-tkinter


Hi Helio,

After reading you post, I found the problem. It was solved running the

dnf install python3-tkinter

instead of

dnf install python-tkinter

and running the script with:

python3 -m robot .

For some reason the python-tkinter is not present in the repository but python3-tkinter is.

Thank you very much again!