I'm getting an error "failed: AttributeError: type object 'DesiredCapabilities' has no attribute 'OPERA'" using SeleniumTestability

My tests are working on my Linux machine, but once I moved to Mac, i’m getting an error.

[ ERROR ] Error. … on line 4: Initializing library ‘SeleniumLibrary’ with arguments [ plugins=SeleniumTestability;True;30 Seconds;True ] failed: Importing test library ‘SeleniumTestability’ failed: AttributeError: type object ‘DesiredCapabilities’ has no attribute ‘OPERA’

Library: https://marketsquare.github.io/robotframework-seleniumtestability/index.html?tag=plugin#Get%20Default%20Capabilities

Opera is not supported with resent versions of Selenium. You need to find Selenium version which supports Opera and SeleniumLibrary which supports that version of Selenium.


I see, thank you.

I was able to fix this by installing version selenium=4.2.0