Check when element is not visible

Hi guys,
I have a new question for you.
How do I know when an item is no longer visible on the screen?
it’s a web element but I can’t use a selenium or any web driver.
I’m using to inspect the GUI and it works perfectly. but now I have this problem.
Do you know any method to solve this?

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Hi Salvatore,

Using you could combine a keyword like Get Element with Run Keyword And Return Status

Set the timeout short on Get Element and check the result of Run Keyword And Return Status to find out if the element was found (True) or not found (False)

From my quick look at I didn’t see a better way.

If you can use other libraries you could also use an image recognition library like SikuliLibrary or ImageHorizon Library.

Hope that helps,



I create a Keyboard like this:

Check Exist Loading
    ${loading}=    Set Variable    ${TRUE}
    WHILE    $loading
            Get Element    id:divLoadingElem1 depth:99    timeout=1
            ${loading}=    Set Variable    ${FALSE}
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@StratoKyke for thought:

The WHILE keyword holds a default limit of 10000 iterations this can be controlled with arg limit=value, you may find that given the timeout of 1 second you have this “Check Exist Loading” keyword may take a while to resolve.

You can remove the Try/Except and use as @damies13 suggested, which I believe they where suggesting in chaining the two with Get Element
${isVisible}= Run Keyword And Return Status Get Element ......

You may want to consider handling the WHILE for when it hits the limit (default or user-passed limit) as it will throw an exception, and FAIL here (this may be the desired outcome, but just for thought) but this can be handled in a couple of ways on either the calling keyword or the inner workings of the keyword.