Exit robot execution in suite teardown in robot framework


I want to exit robot execution in suite teardown so that I can see log.html and report html saved in local directory. Below is my code. How should I quit execution so that log.html and report.html will be available. I have to send those html report from robot script from suite teardown or test teardown

Suite Cleanup
Close All Browsers
Log To Console ${SUITE_STATUS}

That is not possible, the log and report are produced only after the test run.
What you can do is to have another script to be ran after the test. Or use rebot to produce the report and log (always after the output.xml) have been produced).

@HelioGuilherme66 How to add dependent test cases in robot. Depends on test giving error to me.
Successfully installed robotframework-dependencylibrary-3.0.1

Log The rest of the keywords in this test will run as normal.

Depends on test Test1
Log To Console Sending html report

First time I see mention of that library.
The error looks related to using old method to generate documentation (libdoc).
That is only a problem on your IDE, and should not be a problem when running test.

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I have created two test cases. Once my first test case is completed, I want to get log.html and report.html

How to get testcase results while execution is in progress?
In short I should be able to get result of first test case in second test case.

This is possible, but not in the final format of log.html and report.html. You have to have a listener to get the end test execution status and then call some other tool to obtain the log and report.

Maybe you need a different solution, like just having the xUnit.xml output and decide from it.