How to select value from dropdown list

After successfully selecting value from dropdown. Dropdown list is not getting vanish or invisible(I mean to say dropdown list is still open), hence its intercepting next element.
So how can I select next element successfully?

Hi Virendra,

Some custom styled web elements have odd behaviours like this when being automated.

There’s a couple of things you can try:

  • Click on the drop down box that you initially clicked to open the list (has ^ on the right)
  • click outside e.g. on the account number field, even if that’s not editable, just clicking it might cause the drop down to close
  • after using what you’re using to select the value, then do a click on the selected value

The reason for this is because what you’re seeing on the screen is not a real option list, the real html standard option list is hidden in the background and what you’re seeing on the screen is css styled elements presenting as a “pretty” option list, when you click the styled element it triggers JavaScript to close the styled elements and update the hidden real option list.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Dave.

Hi Virendra,

BTW just curios, the bank names look like Indonesian banks are you in Indo?


No. my project related to Indonesia.

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Ah OK, hopefully you get a visit to Indonesia out of it :crossed_fingers: