How to pass an array as input from a csv excel file to robot framework?

I have a csv excel file where I am passing input to robot framework. Normal variable are working fine. But when I try to pass an array as input in csv it says ‘variable not found’.

This is how am giving the array input.

How do you “give” the CSV to robot? Are you using Data driver?

Hi Vishal.

Can you give an example of your actual test and what the error you are getting?

If you refer to variable-section for List variables it shows “the variable name is in the first column of the Variable section and values in the subsequent columns”:

*** Variables ***
@{list}    1    2    3    4    5

So i’m not sure what will happen if you declare the list as shown with comma’s, I didn’t see that in the documentation so I would not want to rely on it.

You might want to check your csv “list” is actually a list type variable and not actually a string? Log is your friend when trying to diagnose issues.