How to execute robot tests in selenium grid?


We wanted to execute robot tests with selenium grid. But not sure on how to implement that.
Any procedure to follow to achieve this?

Or is there a way we can execute tests in parallel with pabot by sharing machines load.


@damies13 , @HelioGuilherme66
any suggestions?

Hi Subhananda,

Sorry I don’t know much about selenium grid, I used it once from a php script but that was more than a decade ago, so I didn’t reply earlier because I didn’t feel I could give you a good answer.

I do remember seeing a thread in this forum a few months back about someone who git it to work, but I don’t know the details.

Have a look through these threads and see if any of them help: Search results for 'selenium grid' - Robot Framework


Thanks Dave!

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To use selenium grid, you need to know the grid URL to connect.
This is my example, when I used Zalenium (on my local IP):

Open Browser    chrome    remote_url=
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