How can I disable Javascript with RF?


I would like to automate the JS deactivation to verify the behavior of many webpages.
I try to interact with the Chrome’s setting but it does’nt work.

Have you any idea to deactivate JavaScript for a website with RF before I start my tests ?

Thanks a lot,


Up for this subject :slight_smile:

Hi John,

I’ve never done this but some idea’s that may help:

  • I guess you’d need to look for a chrome option to disable javascript (ecmascript?), I know there are examples in this forum on how to pass chrome options when you launch the browser, I did a little search for this but didn’t find any option for it
  • In my searching above I did find this page ( Under the heading " Allow or Block JavaScript on Specific Sites" there is the URL Chrome://settings/content/javascript you could try navigating to this url in chrome and try clicking the Add button to add your site if those setting screens are html you might have some success with that :crossed_fingers:t2:


Hello Dave,

Unfortunatly, I can’t interact with elements on this page.

I will try to find another solution but it seems to be complicated !

Thanks for your answer.