Is it possible not to make Chrome window active during text input


pretty new to RF, so maybe the question is a bit silly, but…
I’m running RF tests (PyCharm, Selenium Library, in case of multiple tests - pabot), mostly web UI, there are a lot of text inputs and Chrome makes itself active during those inputs, so if I’m typing something during the test, then it can actually be a Chrome window with test.
Not a problem with a short test, so I can wait, but there are test suites, that can take 10-15 minutes and I’d like to use a computer during this time.

Is it possible to run tests on my computer and make text inputs, without losing focus on my current active window?

Hi @puandr ,

Not sure if there is a way to keep chrome from coming to while the window is visible, but usually this issue would be avoided by using the headless mode, the tests still run in chrome but the chrome window is hidden from the desktop.

I suggest you try headless mode first and see if that’s a workable solution for you?


Thanx @damies13 , that was helpful!

I’ve added:
*** Variables ***
${BROWSER} headlesschrome

and in my case by default almost all tests failed as the default headless window was too small (800x600), so I’ve had to add a new keyword to the suite setup:
Set Window Size ${1920} ${1080}

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