Go To keyword cleans local storage in firefox

Hello! I’m using selenium2library’s go to to navigate to a url in the middle of the test. This works fine in chrome.

In firefox however, navigating empties my local storage, which is where I store my app’s auth token. This logs me out of the app & the test fails. What am I missing?


Hi Julio,

Firstly selenium2library has not been maintained for quite a while, you should be using seleniumlibrary, so install the latest version of seleniumlibrary and update your webdrivers to make sure they are the correct versions for seleniumlibrary and your browser version, then try again, if that doesn’t fix the issue post back.

I’m not sure the current webdrivers for firefox even support the old version of selenium that selenium2library uses as if I remember correctly firefox changed their webdriver protocol since selenium2library was deprecated.


Hi Dave, thanks for your reply!

my understanding is that selenium2library is now a days merely a thin wrapper for seleniumlibrary (my project has both installed)? In any case, uninstalled selenium2 and switched all the calls to go directly to seleniumlibrary, and the same thing happens.

I’m running the latest webdrivers & browsers (downloaded every time the test client builds)