Generate dynamique keywords to use to created test cases with swagger open api

For a Project,

I have swagger in json format,
and I want to create a keyword for each endopoint of my swagger.
I try to use Append to file and add the string of my file, but is not optimum.
how to define a String with tab and Return Line"

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Hi @astrowalker2013,

I’ve not used swagger, but if what you need is to put a tab in a string I might be able to help.

The robot framework documentation on escaping covers putting tabs in strings.

Here’s some examples:

*** Test Cases ***
string example
	${mytabstring}		Set Variable 	a string\twith a tab
	${mytabsstring}		Set Variable 	a string\t\t\t\t\twith several tabs


Thanks for your proposal,

But i create a best and more simple in python to created dynamically keyword with swagger files