Proposal New Tool To Created dinamicaly robotframework keyword with a swagger

I don’t know if it is the best place to put this message

At the moment i created a tool to created dynamically keywords by used a swagger in open API 3.0
I Think this tool could be share to the community, how to do that ?

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Do you have it on GitHub already?
Or is it just local code?

There is also one similar tool in an early stage, called RoboSwag:

But more tools are always better!

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Hi @astrowalker2013 ,

I have a really small library (it only has 4 keywords), that’s written in python and available to install using pip, called robotframework-perfmon. feel free to copy/reuse/adapt anything you want from there.

The shell scripts combined with the are used for publishing to (release version) and (for testing the pip packages), the shell scripts have all the commands I found I needed to publish reliably.

Hope that saves you some time in your project :crossed_fingers:


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For the moment it’s a local code,
I check what is already done, and check if necessary to share my code.


I share my code in the weeks in git-hub

I tested with different openapi 3.0 json and it create automatically all keyword for each endopoint x method

it’s my first share what is recomended for the git-hub project

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Hi, did you publish your project?