Future pre-release 2.0b1

Just polishing final touches for first Beta of RIDE 2.0.

From Release Notes
RIDE (Robot Framework IDE) v2.0b1.dev3 is a new release with major enhancements and bug fixes. This version v2.0b1.dev3 includes removal of Python 2.7 support. The reference for valid arguments is Robot Framework version 3.1.2.

This is the first version without support for Python 2.7.
The last version with support for Python 2.7 was
There are some important changes, or known issues:

  • On MacOS to call autocomplete in Grid and Text Editors, you have to use Alt-Space (not Command-Space).
  • On Linux and Windows to call autocomplete in Grid and Text Editors, you have to use Ctrl-Space.
  • On Text Editor the TAB key adds the defined number of spaces. With Shift moves to the left, and together with Control selects text.
  • On Text Editor the : FOR loop structure must use Robot Framework 3.1.2 syntax, i.e. FOR and END. The only solution to disable this, is to disable Text Editor Plugin.
  • On Grid Editor and Linux the auto enclose is only working on cell selection, but not on cell content edit.
  • On Text Editor when Saving with Ctrl-S, you must do this twice :(.

New Features and Fixes Highlights

  • Auto enclose text in {}, [], “”, ‘’
  • Auto indent in Text Editor
  • Block indent in Text Editor (TAB on block of selected text)
  • Ctrl-number with number, 1-5 also working on Text Editor:
    1. create scalar variable
    2. create list variable
    3. Comment line
    4. Uncomment line
    5. create dictionary variable
  • Persistence of the position and state of detached panels, File Explorer and Test Suites
  • File Explorer and Test Suites panels are now Plugins and can be disabled or enabled and made Visible with F11 and F12
  • File Explorer now shows selected file when RIDE starts

Please note, that the features and fixes are not yet closed. This pre-release is being done because it has important fixes.

Here is a nice and zoomed out Text Editor capture:

Same area but zoomed in and with different Font Type:

The Grid Editor:

TestRunner console and log panels:

That is all for now.
System: Fedora Linux 32 with Python 3.8.3 and wxPython 4.1.0.

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i would like to ask you the following.
I have installed python 3.8 and latest ride version (pre-release)
Following the release notes i am trying to start ride using the following command:
python -m robotide.init

Unfortunately RIDE tries to start but test data loading never ends.
OS: windows 10
wxpython: 4.0.7.post2
robotframework: 3.1.2

any help would be much appreciated.
thank you in advance

If you used RIDE before, then it is trying to load the previous folder or files. You can try to open a single file when starting RIDE, with:

python -m robotide.__init__     path_to_robot_file