Announcing the release of RIDE 2.0.5


I am happy to announce the release of RIDE 2.0.5 (the previous was 2.0.3 not announced).

Current users should see a pop-up informing of this upgrade. You can upgrade with:

pip install -U robotframework-ride

You can see the release notes here. Below, is some content from it:

This version supports Python 3.6 up to 3.10.

There are some changes, or known issues:

  • Newlines in Grid Editor are not visible when in navigation mode, but visible in edit mode.
  • Auto suggestions in Grid Editor can be enabled to not use shortcut to show list.
  • On Text Editor when Saving the selection of tests in Test Suites (Tree) is cleared.
  • Test Suite with *** Comments *** can be edited but newlines are introduced.
  • Some argument types detection (and colorization) is not correct in Grid Editor.
  • RIDE DOES NOT KEEP Test Suites formatting or structure, causing differences in files when used on other IDE or Editors.

New Features and Fixes Highlights

  • Added FOR scope markers (IN, IN RANGE, IN ENUMERATE, IN ZIP) to auto-complete list
  • Added support to read environment variable ROBOT_VERSION to apply some conditions
  • Added notes on Test Timeout Grid Editor field and in Preferences of Test Runner
  • Keywords auto-suggestion in grid editor does not need shortcut anymore, if you want to enable or disable this feature you can config in Preferences -> Grid Editor -> Enable auto suggestions
  • Made \n visible when editing cells in Grid Editor (problematic in Windows)
  • Changed alias marker on library imports to consider variable ROBOT_VERSION. If version is lower than 6.0, uses WITH NAME, otherwise will use AS
  • Fixed auto-indent on block commands in Text Editor
  • Fixed missing auto-enclosing when in Cell Editor in Linux
  • Fixed RIDE will crash when using third party input method in Mac OS
  • Fixed missing color definition for keyword call in Text Editor
  • Fixed clearing or emptying fixtures (Setups, Teardowns), now removes headers and synchronizes Text Editor
  • Fixed selection and persistence of colors in File Explorer and Project Tree panels
  • Fixed not using defined color for help and HTML content
  • Fixed missing newlines in sections separation