Announcing the release of RIDE 2.0.5


I am happy to announce the release of RIDE 2.0.5 (the previous was 2.0.3 not announced).

Current users should see a pop-up informing of this upgrade. You can upgrade with:

pip install -U robotframework-ride

You can see the release notes here. Below, is some content from it:

This version supports Python 3.6 up to 3.10.

There are some changes, or known issues:

  • Newlines in Grid Editor are not visible when in navigation mode, but visible in edit mode.
  • Auto suggestions in Grid Editor can be enabled to not use shortcut to show list.
  • On Text Editor when Saving the selection of tests in Test Suites (Tree) is cleared.
  • Test Suite with *** Comments *** can be edited but newlines are introduced.
  • Some argument types detection (and colorization) is not correct in Grid Editor.
  • RIDE DOES NOT KEEP Test Suites formatting or structure, causing differences in files when used on other IDE or Editors.

New Features and Fixes Highlights

  • Added FOR scope markers (IN, IN RANGE, IN ENUMERATE, IN ZIP) to auto-complete list
  • Added support to read environment variable ROBOT_VERSION to apply some conditions
  • Added notes on Test Timeout Grid Editor field and in Preferences of Test Runner
  • Keywords auto-suggestion in grid editor does not need shortcut anymore, if you want to enable or disable this feature you can config in Preferences -> Grid Editor -> Enable auto suggestions
  • Made \n visible when editing cells in Grid Editor (problematic in Windows)
  • Changed alias marker on library imports to consider variable ROBOT_VERSION. If version is lower than 6.0, uses WITH NAME, otherwise will use AS
  • Fixed auto-indent on block commands in Text Editor
  • Fixed missing auto-enclosing when in Cell Editor in Linux
  • Fixed RIDE will crash when using third party input method in Mac OS
  • Fixed missing color definition for keyword call in Text Editor
  • Fixed clearing or emptying fixtures (Setups, Teardowns), now removes headers and synchronizes Text Editor
  • Fixed selection and persistence of colors in File Explorer and Project Tree panels
  • Fixed not using defined color for help and HTML content
  • Fixed missing newlines in sections separation

@HelioGuilherme66 I am facing issue with new version of ride edit run and text edit is missing.
Please help us to solve this issue

How to enable run button

You should have errors in Tools>View RIDE Log

You should say what was the previous version of RIDE and if using the same Python installation.

And what is the version of Robot Framework?