Announcing the release of RIDE

I am happy to announce the release of RIDE v2.0.8.1 with nice features and bug fixes.

Please have fun finding new bugs (and the ones I already know, but, leave for you to discover :wink: )

Install or upgrade with:

pip install -U robotframework-ride

Below is a copy of the release notes at project:

Robot Framework IDE

Please see the complete release notes here.

Below is a short excerpt of it:

RIDE (Robot Framework IDE) v2.0.8.1 is a new release with minor enhancements and bug fixes. The reference for valid arguments is Robot Framework installed version, which is at this moment 6.1.1. However, internal library is based on version 3.1.2, to keep compatibility with old formats.

This version supports Python 3.6 up to 3.11.

There are some changes, or known issues:

  • On Text Editor, pressing Ctrl when the caret/cursor is near a Keyword will show a detachable window with the documentation, at Mouse Pointer position.
  • RIDE tray icon now shows a context menu with options Show, Hide and Close.
  • Highlighting and navigation of selected Project Explorer items, in Text Editor.
  • When editing in Grid Editor with content assistance, the selected content can be edited by escaping the list of suggestions with keys ARROW_LEFT or ARROW_RIGHT.
  • Newlines in Grid Editor can be made visible with the filter newlines set to False.
  • On Text Editor when Saving the selection of tests in Test Suites (Tree) is cleared.
  • Test Suite with ** Comments ** can be edited but newlines are introduced.
  • Problems with COPY/PASTE in Text Editor have been reported when using wxPython 4.2.0, but not with version 4.2.1, which we now recommend.
  • Some argument types detection (and colorization) is not correct in Grid Editor.
  • RIDE DOES NOT KEEP Test Suites formatting or structure, causing differences in files when used on other IDE or Editors.

New Features and Fixes Highlights

  • Fixed escaped spaces showing in Text Editor on commented cells
  • Improved keywords documentation search, by adding current dir to search
  • Improved Move up/down, Alt-UpArrow/Alt-DownArrow in Text Editor, to have proper indentation and selection
  • Added auto update check when development version is installed
  • Added menu option Help->Check for Upgrade which allows to force update check and install development version
  • Added Upgrade Now action to update dialog.
  • Added Test Tags field (new, since Robot Framework 6.0) to Test Suites settings. This field will replace Default and Force Tags settings, after Robot Framework 7.0
  • Improved RIDE Log and Parser Log windows to allow Zoom In/Out with Ctrl-Mouse Wheel
  • Hide continuation markers in Project Tree
  • Improved content assistance in Text Editor by allowing to filter list as we type
  • Fixed resource files disappearing from Project tree on Windows
  • Fixed missing indication of link for User Keyword, when pressing Ctrl in Grid Editor
  • Added content help pop-up on Text Editor by pressing Ctrl for text at cursor position or selected autocomplete list item
  • Added Exclude option in context menu for Test files, previously was only possible for Test Suites folders
  • Added exclusion of monitoring filesystem changes for files and directories excluded in Preferences
  • Fixed exception when finding GREY color for excluded files and directories in Project Tree
  • Added support for JSON variables, by using the installed Robot Framework import method
  • Colorization of Grid Editor cells after the continuation marker and correct parsing of those lines
  • Colorization of Grid Editor cells when contents is list or dictionary variables

We hope to implement or complete features and make fixes on next major version 2.1 (in the end of 2023).

Linux users are advised to install first wxPython from .whl package at, or by using the system package manager.


RIDE v2.0.8.1 was released on 1/Nov/2023.