Facing error when running scripts in robot framework with android due to chromedriver 116

facing the below error when running scripts in robot framework in mobile with real android devices:
[STDERR] [1694418397.348][SEVERE]: bind() failed: Cannot assign requested address (99)
2023-09-11 07:46:37.356 V [Chromedriver] [STDERR] [1694418397.348][INFO]: listen on IPv6 failed with error ERR_ADDRESS_INVALID
Passing 116 as chromedriver version and getting the above error.
using the below library versions :

Hi Vidya,

Are you using Selenium Library for mobile scripting?

Kindly clarify the exact issue that you are facing.It will be useful if you share with sample code

my bad using appium library for mobile scripting
using the below code
${CHROME_VERSION}= Set Variable 116
${sauceOptions}= Create Dictionary
… appiumVersion=2.0.0
… name= ${testName}
${caps}= Create Dictionary
… sauceOptions= ${sauceOptions}

Run Keyword if “${OS}” == “Android” and “${Port}” == “0000” Open Application ${URL} ${caps} platformName=${OS} platformVersion=${OS Version} deviceName=${Device} app=${App Path} autoDismissAlerts=true orientation=${orientation} name=${Test Name} cacheId=${Device} newCommandTimeOut=180 showChromdriverLog=true

This line gets executed and getting the above error since we are using the hybrid mobile application it makes use of the chromedriver and am passing that as 116 so that it takes latest version