Robot Framework Appium

am getting the following error while using Open Application Keyword:
WebDriverException: Message: The requested resource could not be found, or a request was received using an HTTP method that is not supported by the mapped resource

I have followed the robot framework docs.

Here is my code:

Open Application … http://localhost:4723/wd/hub … platformName=Android … deviceName=emulator-5554 … … … automationName=Uiautomator2

Appium Error: Request idempotency key: e116ec36-bc01-48f7-b4e8-b4bf55f51991 [HTTP] → POST /wd/hub/session [HTTP] {“capabilities”:{“firstMatch”:[{}],“alwaysMatch”:{“platformName”:“Android”,“appium:deviceName”:“emulator-5554”,“appium:appPackage”:“”,“appium:appActivity”:“”,“appium:automationName”:“Uiautomator2”}}} [HTTP] No route found for /wd/hub/session [HTTP] ← POST /wd/hub/session 404 18 ms - 211

Appium Version: 2.4.1 Uiautomator2 Version: 2.44.2

I have tried the solutions available on the internet but still my issue isn’t resolved.


What host and port do you have set on teh appium server? The localhost you can find in your host file should be unless it has been adjusted, so you could just remove localhost and set it Open Application ... to see if that yields anything different.

You may also just need to set the remote path as /wd/hub if you are using Appium Desktop (never had a need to set this, nor do I have the option, but something to take a look at). But personally, I’ve never really run into any issues with my own.

in addition, there is mention of setting allow CORS under Advanced; this isn’t something I’ve done before or needed to.
Note: CORS compatibility mode, which will allow connections to the Appium server from within websites hosted on any domain…

Hope one of them help

I have installed appium via npm and starting the appium server by typing command “appium” in cmd. When i start the server it says “”. Please help to resolve the issue.


Never ran via npm, looks as though you need to pass the --address

Thanks for the help!

I have run the appium server by running command “appium --address
and change the code to “http://localhost:4723” …
I have removed the trailing /wd/hub from the above url.
Could you specify why there’s /wd/hub in the docs?

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Not a problem :slight_smile:

wd is the short form of WebDriver

hub refers to Selenium Grid configuration where the two components are:

  • Selenium Grid Hub (is commonly termed as hub)
  • Selenium Grid Node (is commonly termed as node)
  • wd/hub is the part of the uri through which the node communicates with the hub
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Thanks for your assistance.Always looking to explore the robot framework .

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