Execution failed while Rerunning Failed cases

I am using below command e.g.
robot --rerunfailed output.xml --output rerun.xml D:\New\workspace\Smoke\Src\Tests\File_Actions\Homepaget.robot

After execution it is showing error event though -Suite ‘Homepage’ contains no tests matching name 'New folder

Hi Ketan,

There must be more information you can provide? there is not enough information here for anyone to have any idea why you are getting the error?

My best guess is output.xml contains a failed test called “New folder” and that test was removed from Homepaget.robot in the time between you first started the test that created output.xml and when you re-ran the test. but that’s just a guess based on what you’ve told us and could be way off.

  • is there a test called “New folder” in Homepaget.robot
  • is there a test called “New folder” in another robot file?
  • was there ever a test called “New folder” in any robot file?


robot --output output.xml suite.robot
robot --rerunfailed output.xml --output output2.xml suite.robot
robot --output output.xml --merge output.xml output2.xml