Also passed test's are rerun

I have this .bat and trying to rerun failed test’s

cd C:\Users\Robot
robot --output original.xml -d C:\tema/RESULTS_D_runresulta_a --variable BROWSER_SELECTED:firefox --include TEST .
robot –rerunfailed original.xml -d C:\tema/RESULTS_D_runresulta_a --output rerun.xml --variable BROWSER_SELECTED:firefox --include TEST .
rebot --outputdir C:\tema/RESULTS_D_runresulta_a --merge C:\tema/RESULTS_D_runresulta_a/original.xml C:\tema/RESULTS_D_runresulta_a/rerun.xml

What could be the problem when also passed test’s are re-run?

Test has been re-executed and results merged.

New status: PASS

Old status: PASS

I believe it’s due to the fact that you also specify --include option during rerun.

Hi. Thank you for your answer. I will try to remove it from rerun task and see if it help. Thanks!