Desired Capabilities


I was using desired capabilities for different browser and devices using below code in resource file. From last week onwards I could not able to run in Android device when I can contact BS they are telling use W3C protocal instead of leagcy protocal. Could you please guide how to fix this?

OpenAndroidBrowserStack Set Environment ${remoteUrl} Set Variable https://${BROWSERSTACK_USERNAME}:${BROWSERSTACK_KEY}
&{desiredCapabilities} Create Dictionary device=Samsung Galaxy S20 os_version=10.0 browserName=Samsung browserstack.debug=true browserstack.realMobile=true browserstack.consoleLogs=info browserstack.local=false browserstack.networkLogs=true browserstack.selenium_version=4.1.0 browserstack.use_w3c=true browserstack.appium_version=1.17.1
Open Browser remote_url=${remoteUrl} desired_capabilities=${desiredCapabilities}