D-Bus interface tests?

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we are searchig a tool to do component test based on asynchronous IPC interfaces like e.g. D-Bus. Our domain is automotive. So we have a quite complex environment with e.g. multiple OS, …

I found that Robot Framework is used for acceptance test, very often on UI level.
Would you nevertheless recommend to use Robot Framework for our purpose, or do you have another proposal what we can use.

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one of the first “real world” testing projects for robot framework was testing binary network protocols. I believe GitHub - robotframework/Rammbock: Rammbock - generic network protocol tester was open sourced from those times …

I wrote some proof of concept code to use robotframework for ecu/can bus testing when i was working in one automotive project

So, in general, i wouldnt be be worried “if rf is good enough”. Main thing to worry about is that you might not find D-Bus bindings that work directly with RF - you probably need to come up with that on your own or hire someone to write those for you.

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